Monday, October 1, 2018

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy with Braces and a Crazy Schedule

Not sure how to manage your hectic schedule and keep your teeth clean with braces in Ann Arbor?

Are you struggling to keep up with good oral hygiene because of your go-go-go schedule?

Want a simple routine you can follow to keep your teeth healthy with braces?

When you deal with a busy schedule, it seems impossible to fit in any extra commitments. So if you have or are considering braces, the requirements to take care of them may seem overwhelming. But with a simple routine for your oral hygiene, you’ll see that you can manage! Check out our how-to guide for taking care of your braces with a crazy schedule.

  • Be Prepared: One of the hallmarks of a crazy schedule is that you’re often out of the house and probably not in the same place at the same time every day. Under these circumstances, the best way to be prepared to clean your teeth and braces is to bring supplies with you. Put together a to-go kit to make this easier.
  • Drink Up: Drinking water throughout the day will help flush your mouth of debris and bacteria. It’s a super easy and healthy way to keep your mouth clean. You can also rinse with water after eating meals and snacks at times when you can’t brush or floss. Carry a reusable cup or bottle to make this easier.
  • Brush: The standard advice of brushing your teeth after eating still holds true. It’s perhaps even more important with braces because of the tendency for food to get stuck in brackets and wires. Even a quick brush without toothpaste helps clear debris. Get a travel toothbrush or inter-dental toothbrush to make this easier.
  • Floss: Your teeth are hard at work when you have braces, so this is really the time to pamper them with a great flossing routine. Carry threaders and a small pack of floss to make this easier.
  • Wax On: Braces often aren’t without irritation. Whether it’s your gums, cheeks, or lips a slight irritation could become a bigger problem, so you should address it right away. Carry and apply dental wax to make dealing with irritations easier.
  • Avoid Trouble: Stay away from ortho no-nos like gum, whole apples, chewing ice, and popcorn. Keeping these things off limits will help you avoid problems and extra trips to the orthodontist that your schedule can’t afford. Make this easier by treating yourself to braces-friendly foods like ice cream, sliced apples, mints, etc.

Fit Stieper & Brust Orthodontics into Your Schedule to Improve Your Smile

Now that you see how keeping your braces clean in Ann Arbor can fit into your schedule, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Whether you’re looking for a consultation or need to come in for a braces check-up, we’re ready to help you achieve your goals.

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